"We received three other bids, Nathan was by far the most creative, resourceful and thorough in his proposal. The Cascadian team of Nathan and Bryan are great. We'll be asking them back in a few years for 'phase 2' of our yard."

~Larson Residence of Lake Oswego

"Both foremen & crew did an outstanding job. Dave in particular should be commended for his communication skills. Unlike other Contractors/Subcontractors who worked on our house, Dave & Nathan asked questions. That's why we got what we wanted and there were no call backs. Nathan was excellent to work with."

~James K. Watson

"We wanted to thank you for your efforts, and putting up with us, to produce one of the prettiest homes in Claremont! Drive by and see if you don't agree. Now we can settle back and watch the grass grow. Again, sincere thanks and "Buenas Dias" to the crew."

~Claremont Homeowner

"What a pleasant surprise. Thanks ever so much. We really appreciate what you've done to make our home special. You are one of our favorite people."

~Lake Oswego Homeowner


"The foreman and crew were very polite and kept me in the loop with the schedule! They were polite to my kids who were excited to see them work. They were careful with the existing surroundings. Everything was done to perfection.

Nathan Hale took the time to meet with me and discuss the design and to show me the options of plants and trees. It was a GREAT experience! The end result is better than I imagined. We love the Bubbler Rock feature, very calming. We often open up the windows in the house so we can hear the water."

~Karen Patsy

"Nathan Hale was great to work with. We felt like he really cared a lot about our project. The foreman and crew were FANTASTIC! The best foreman and the hardest working crew we've ever seen."

~John Sabin



"Your team's consistent communication of the project status and willingness to work through the unanticipated issues we encountered in a positive, team oriented manner really made a difference.

The attitude coupled with the crew's conscientiousness in thoroughly cleaning up the site each afternoon and their professionalism throughout the project was noticed not only by me but a number of our employees who made positive comments regarding your firm's performance throughout the installation."

~A Headquarters' Facilities Manager

"That was just a great project and a great summer experience that I will never forget. I really enjoyed heading up every week and watching the project emerge out of the ground. It was a pleasure working with you.

Thanks again for all your great work!"

~Richard J. Zita of Bramare, Inc. Landscape Architecture & Design

"In my 15 years of professional practice I can say, without reservation, that this is the finest landscape installation I have seen and the smoothest running project I have worked on. Your efforts will result in meeting the high expectations of what we envisioned in the design and the clients' desires. This landscape will be an outstanding example of what a good team can create. Thank you again for your commitment and excellent workmanship."

~Portland Metro Area Landscape Architect

“Cascadian Landscapers has been very professional throughout this transaction right up to prompt payment of our invoice. Such professionalism is rare these days and is appreciated.”

~Steve Kirn of Columbia Cascade Company